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My name is Mark Riley and T-29 is my business. So why T-29? Well that’s because when I started the business in July 2018 my career had already spanned 29 years, three continents, eight employers, countless consulting engagements and many billions of dollars of successful (and a good few unsuccessful, but insightful) tenders, presentations and proposals. And I had been thinking about working for myself, pretty much from the start of my working life.

Since then, I have, in effect, been counting down, ‘NASA style’ and along the way building skills and expertise ready for launch: T-29, T-28, T-27 ……

In that time I have developed a mix of skills, experience, and creativity that I now want to share with others and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes. I get up each day to inspire others to go above and beyond in the pursuit of new business and professional satisfaction. And to drive teams to do something different, creative and amazing – something you are proud of and gets results!

I have been a loving husband to Sue, and together we raised two amazing, strong young women, Bethan and Emma. I have sailed around Hong Kong, played international sport and was lucky enough to coach the Mentone Panthers Women’s Premier League Hockey team to a grand final in 2017.

Every one of those experiences has contributed in some way to my desire and ability to help others achieve great things.

Take a look at the graphic below, it summarises my working life. But more importantly, it shows the foundations of, and the reason to trust, my skills and advice.

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