TenderSkills Flex is designed to be configured to meet the needs of your in-house work-winning team. It allows you to select and master the skills you need most to win more business


The TenderSkills Corporate program is designed to define and upskill your in-house work-winning team.  Learning how to win more tenders, and building great process and culture along the way is a no-brainer!

Program Outcomes

  • Through the TenderSkills Flex program you will set goals and measure your progress towards them before celebrating their achievement.
  • Select the coaching modules most relevant to your business.
  • Develop your team’s end-to-end work-winning capability.
  • Learn and test drive new skills in your business.
  • Access discounted consulting rates from T-29.
  • Build a process and culture that works for your business.


Your TenderSkills Flex program is configured to meet the needs of your team and business. We choose from the 12 base modules that are the foundation for all of our TenderSkills program to create your Flex program. Some modules we prescribe because we know they are essential, and others you choose based on your needs. You also get to choose the program duration

That said, we recommend a minimum duration of 3 months so that you have time to embed the skills you learn in the real world.

Step One: Let’s check those foundations in place and solid. We’ll gauge your current level of skill, define your team, set goals and map out your vision of success.

Step Two: Deliver the prescribed and selected modules.  These will focus on meeting your most important needs first.  These may be foundational or advanced skills or a mix of both.

Step Three: Reflect and reward; at the end of the course you will have achieved your work-winning goals.  For some this is a higher strike rate; for others, it’s a better culture and happier staff.

Sounds like this is for you? Watch the video or click the Get In Touch button to find out more.