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Sharper Presentations

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How to achieve sharper presentations

Presentations are often one of the more chaotic business activities, fraught with last minute deck compilations and an ‘it came together quite well in the end’ mentality. You can do way, way better.

T-29 will get the architecture right for your audience, and work with you to compile an engaging story, with supporting visual aids. And then we’ll practice, practice, practice. The Plan – Build – Deliver process will build belief and confidence and help you get those deals over the line. Here’s how it works:

Engage first and then tell your story

Plan: understand your audience, collect all inputs and guidelines and map out what you need to say to get the audience to where you want them to be: choosing you!

Build: working together, we’ll develop the visual aids you need to tell your story. And that doesn’t just mean PowerPoint. It could be through video, scenarios or role play or table-cloth sized murals you can use to engage and capture your clients’ interests. T-29 has a network of creative geniuses to call upon and bring ideas to life.

Deliver: practice makes perfect. Ideally, three run-throughs with coaching-style analysis (video’d if needed) and feedback will get your team ready to shine.

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