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How to create a sharper proposal so you WIN!

One of the biggest issues T-29 clients come to the business with are around the struggle to create a concise, sharp proposal that cute through to the core of the requirement. Where do you start? Its seems obvious, but find a message that resonates with your client. Make them want to work with you. Effective tenders and proposals clearly explain how you will solve problems in unique ways. No fluff. T-29 uses systematic processes to transform your thinking, ideas and content. And along the way we’ll find that winning edge you never knew you had. So how can we help?

Tender and proposal strategy

Supercharge your proposal strategy: Do your tenders and proposals explain why you are different in ways that matter to your client? Are you a ‘safe pair of hands’ or a ‘one stop shop’? So is everyone else! Why not get ahead of the pack and supercharge your next bid strategy with T-29? Structured inquiry, challenge and creativity will find that winning edge.

Tender and proposal writing

Sharper tender and proposal writing: T-29 has a systematic process for transforming your draft copy into tender responses and proposals that read well, and are concise, focused and relevant. In-built persuasive writing techniques will influence readers in your favour and help you score well at tender.

Tender and proposal ‘tune ups’

Submission overhauls: Does your submission need a push at the end? Wherever you are at, T-29 will cost-effectively sharpen it up and increase your chances of winning. We’ll start with your Executive Summary and then target the most strategic supporting sections. How far we get will depend on size, complexity and time to hand. It’s amazing the difference a few days of specialist input can make.

Technical writing

Technical writing: Need a few management plans or complex method statements written up in a way that people can actually digest? T-29 will leverage your existing information and re-size it for your situation, extracting the technical know-how from your experts with the least amount of fuss.

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